International Symposium on ICT System Testbeds
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 Developments in cloud computing and ubiquitous network computing have increased the reliability and safety of advanced large-scale network systems, and driven the demand for rapid advances in these systems. Enhancing and upgrading the testbeds used to test network systems has become a necessity.

 This symposium includes lectures by specialists from around the world on international trends and research findings in ICT system testbeds, as well as future prospects and expectations, and examines the future direction for ICT system testbeds in Japan.
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About Conference
Date & Time March 30 (Tue.) 2010 9:30-18:20
* Registration desk open at 9:00
(5F, FUJISOFT Bldg., 3 Kandaneribei-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0022)
Organizers National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
Supporters (Tentative) Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC)
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Information Processing Society of Japan (IPS)
Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)
WIDE Project
IEEE Tokyo Section
Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers (ITE)
Japan Society for Software Science and Technology (JSSST)
Conference-Free Networking Cocktail-3,000yen

9:00 Registration desk open
9:30-10:00 Welcome Message & Keynote 1
National ICT R&D Strategies in Cloud era and role of Testbeds
Dr. Hideo Miyahara
President, NICT
10:00-10:30 Keynote 2
Expectations for large-scale ICT system Testbeds
Mr. Masataka Kawauchi
Director-General,International and Technology Policy Coordination, MIC
    10:30-10:40 - Short Break, Exhibition & Demonstration -
10:40-11:50 Session 1 ICT Testbeds in U.S. and E.U.
10:40-11:15 GENI - Exploring Networks of the Future
Dr. Chip Elliott
GENI Project Director/Chief Engineer at BBN Technologies
11:15-11:50 FIRE OVERVIEW: European Testbeds Ecosystem
Prof. Serge Fdida
Project Leader of OneLab
    11:50-13:20 - Lunch, Exhibition & Demonstration -
13:20-14:30 Session 2 ICT Testbeds in Japan
13:20-13:55 Future Internet Testbed:JGN X
Dr. Shinji Shimojo
Professor, Cybermedia Center, Osaka University
13:55-14:30 Values of ICT System Testbeds: Our experience with the StarBED
Dr. Yoichi Shinoda
Professor, Center for Information Science, JAIST
    14:30-14:40 - Short Break, Exhibition & Demonstration -
14:40-15:50 Session 3 ICT Testbeds for Business
14:40-15:15 Real value of the ICT testbed for Network Operators
Dr. Shin Miyakawa
Director, Core Network Technology Team,
Network Systems and Technologies, Innovative IP Architecture Center
NTT Communications Corporation
15:15-15:50 A Practical Use of the Testbed for Ubiquitous Sensor Network Systems Development
Mr. Makoto Miwa
Director, Tokyo R&D Center, Panasonic Corporation
    15:50-16:20 - Coffee Break, Exhibition & Demonstration -
16:20-17:30 Session 4 New wave around ICT Testbeds
16:20-16:55 Innovations in Graduate Education with ICT System Testbeds
Prof. Takuya Katayama
President, JAIST
16:55-17:30 CHADANS: a testbed for Ubiquitous/Ambient network systems
Dr. Yasuo Tan
Professor, School of Information Science, JAIST
17:30-18:10 Keynote 3
Research Infrastructure of the Internet
Dr. Jun Murai
Dean and Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
18:10-18:20 Closing
Dr. Hiroshi Miyabe
Vice President, NICT
18:30- Networking Cocktail (Fee required)
  *Demonstration and exhibition will be held at a reception hall. (10:30-18:30)

Registration is closed.
We have reached the full capacity of the venue.

* Only 200 seats available.
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* Please note that the program is subject to change without prior notification.

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